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Men's Walk #75 – May 1-4, 2014

Lay Director: Larry Robbins
Vice Director: Mel Bean

Song: "Trading My Sorrows"


The theme for Men's Walk #75 is YES LORD and the theme song is Trading My Sorrows. Can't you just hear the chorus?: Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Yes Yes Lord! Just Say Yes was a central take-away from my pilgrim walk in 2001. When the Lord calls and you say yes, you trade your excuses for opportunities. When asked to serve on a church committee, say yes. When asked to sponsor a pilgrim, say yes. When asked to lead a Christian life, say yes; to your whole life, seven days a week not just an hour on Sunday. Saying "Yes Lord" is how you treat your family, your coworkers, your neighbors, and especially strangers. When you open your heart and say yes, you are blessed beyond measure. Join us, work with us, pray for us, and sponsor pilgrims.


Women's Walk #75 – May 15-18, 2014

Lay Director: Debbie Ego   
Vice Director: Melissa Ralston
Theme: In His Presence
Song: "In Your Presence"


The theme for the Women's Walk is "In His Presence" and the theme song is "In Your Presence". The song is not in our current books but it is a song that speaks to my heart and I am praying that it will do the same to our team and the pilgrims that will attend. A few years ago and pastor shared that when we get away from the cross it becomes easier to put things in the way. While he was saying this he was walking to the back of the room away from the cross at the front of the church. He held up his wallet but it could have been anything that size and it completely blocked his view of the cross. That spoke to me because I get "too busy" and don’t have enough time to be in God’s presence. When that happens it is easy to let things get in the way and I move – we know that God doesn’t. Where I want to be is in His Presence. The song's lyrics say "in your presence, that's where I belong…" I am praying for the pilgrims and the people that will come to serve. I pray that the weekend will be time of being "In His Presence".

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